Enrico Bertini

Enrico Bertini


I am a researcher in the area of information visualization, human computer interaction and visual analytics. Interactive data visualization helps people extract relevant information out of large and complex data and, as such, it has the potential to allow for remarkable discoveries and progress. My research focusses on the development of novel techniques and applications as well as on the understanding of how people interact with them.


animation / small multiples Animation vs. Small Multiples. Insight-based qualitative study on the comparison of animated vs. small multiple flow maps. Paper: EuroVis'12
seven scenarios Empirical Studies in Visualization. Review of 850 information visualization papers to build 7 evaluation scenarios and help choosing evaluation goals. Paper: TVCG'11
quality metrics

Visual Quality Metrics Taxonomy. Classification of quality metrics use in visualization and theoretical model of integration of automatic algorithms in interactive visualization. Paper: InfoVis'11


HiTSEE. Visual analytics application in biochemistry for the analysis of structure-activity relationships in high-throughput screening experiments. Paper: BioVis'11 [Best Paper: Honorable Mention]) | Video

cloudlines Cloudlines. Visualization technique for the analysis of dynamic time-series data in a compact, logarithmic, focus+context format. Paper: InfoVis'11




Selected Past Projects

automatic + visual Integrated Automatic+Visual Data Analysis. Review of KDD and InfoVis papers to build a model of integrated automatic and visual data analysis techniques in visual analytics. Paper: KDD Explorations'09.
spiralview Visualization for Network Security. Design study on the development of a visualization tool for the analysis of an intrusion detection system in large corporate networks. Paper: VAST'07 | Video
clutter reduction Clutter Reduction. PhD thesis work on the characterization of clutter in visualization and its reduction by using sampling and visual quality metrics.. Paper: IVS Journal'06.


I write Fell in Love with Data, a data visualization blog to bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners. You find me on twitter:@FILWD.

I am one of the founders of the BELIV Workshop series on Evaluation in Information Visualization: BELIV'06 | BELIV'08 | BELIV'10 | (working on the 2012 edition!)

Recent Talks

Visual Analytics: Integrating Computational Methods and Interactive Visualization to Cope with Challenging Data Analysis Tasks - DBTA Workshop, Zurich (Dec, 2011).

Quality Metrics in High-Dimensional Data Visualization: An Overview and Systematization - UMASS Lowell Colloquium, Lowell (Oct, 2011).

Data Visualization is NOT Useful. It's indispensable - Visualizing Europe, Bruxelles (June, 2011).