Enrico Bertini
Dep. of Computer and Information Science
University of Konstanz

Features of the profession 2D/3D artist

2D/3D artists can create unimaginable things in virtual space. Using a mouse, stylus, tablet and special software they create visual content for computer games, develop special effects for movies, model architectural objects, create 3D design of jewelry, render mobile applications, draw illustrations, comics, etc. Digital artist is an interesting and in-demand profession. Today we're going to talk about who the 2D/3D artist profession suits, what pros and cons it has and how to make the first steps to master it.
The success formula for future 2D/3D artists consists of three elements: "artistic skills" + "mastery of special software" + "professional qualities". An additional point - the focus on a particular area. Specializations in 2D/3D artists pretty narrow, so you should decide in advance whether you want, for example, to draw images for mini games for Android / iOS or want to realize themselves as a game designer. Fumbling from one area to another means knowing everything a little bit at a time. More effective to choose a specific area, go deeper into it, and then expand your knowledge. But to combine the skills in two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics will be useful: a professional artist, as a rule, owns both.
The first element of the formula - "artistic skills" - is a necessary base, without which you can't do without. If, for example, a web-designer can still do without drawing skills, then in digital art you cannot do without them. A 2D/3D artist must be able to draw: know the anatomy and know about light and shade, color, perspective, etc.

The second component of future success is knowledge of special software. Huge number of hours they will take away from you: the great Adobe Photoshop, incomparable 3D's Max, wonderful Adobe Illustrator, stroppy Corel DRAW, magic ZBrush and other programs, which will need to deal with. You'll need a graphics tablet - the main attribute of a computer artist.