Enrico Bertini
Dep. of Computer and Information Science
University of Konstanz

Professional qualities of a 2D/3D Artist

The professional qualities with which a 2D/3D Artist can actively develop in their field are curiosity and a desire to learn. Since in this profession you need to constantly learn something new. To understand new programs and tools, to learn changing trends, to master new styles and techniques. For all this comes in handy one more important quality - assiduity. Good prospects will also open up knowledge of English.2D/3D artists can work in a team or be freelancers. But even in the second case, without communication with people (customers) can not do. Therefore, the ability to communicate, work in a team, be stress-resistant are not unimportant qualities.
Pluses and minuses of the profession 2D/3D artist
Of the disadvantages of the profession 2D/3D artist can be called the need to spend a lot of time at the screen, which involves increased strain on the eyes. It is also a sedentary job, which has its own health consequences if you exclude physical activity from your life. Plus tedious and monotonous tasks digital artist also can not avoid.

The pluses of the 2D/3D artist profession are a lot of creativity, a variety of projects, and new knowledge. Of course, the opportunity to work remotely. For those who love to draw, this profession looks like a hobby and brings great pleasure.