Enrico Bertini
Dep. of Computer and Information Science
University of Konstanz

How to become a digital clothing designer 

Learn how to work with programs. It's worth starting with learning Clo 3D or Marvelous Designer. This is a base that can completely cover your needs for the first time. Then explore any other 3D software. For example, I would recommend Blender3D - it's free.

If you're ready for a paid product, there's a lot of choice. Learn one of the three-dimensional graphics editors - Autodesk Maya or Cinema 4D. You will need Substance 3D Painter or Substance 3D Designer to create textures. Sculpting can be mastered with ZBrush. From the free service Daz Studio can take avatars. Render engines (programs for rendering computer graphics) are useful to learn to get beautiful pictures. And of course, the Unreal Engine game engine, which allows you to create games, videos and virtual spaces.

Learning how to design clothes. This is one of the skills of a 3D-fashion designer, but not the main one. It is important to have spatial thinking and understand how regular clothes are constructed. Artistic vision, understanding of proportions, and composition come in handy. At the same time, drawing skills are not necessary.
Any training requires time and effort. It takes an average of four months to learn a new profession. For example, the Skillbox course consists of 17 modules, each module is designed for one week, but there are no limits - you can learn faster and slower. Some people quickly perform practical tasks, while others need more time. In addition, since the industry is just forming, and the profession will still be transformed. Therefore, information about the digital designer is worth collecting from a variety of sources.

Who is suitable for the profession of 3D clothing designer
Ekaterina Egorova, course producer, shared her opinion on who the profession of 3D designer suits. Most specialists in this field have in the first place a love for fashion. In order to master the profession of a 3D clothes designer, you do not need to be a designer or a designer by training, and in general you do not need to have experience in creating clothes before.

For example, all the students of the Clo 3D course for fashion designers have different levels of experience - some just graduated from university or college, while others have several years of experience in fashion design. The first course graduate is a sewing engineer by training and has experience working at large clothing companies as well as designing garments, prints, and patterns. She took the course to upgrade her skills and work with digital models. Many course users come to the course with no experience, but in the process add to their design knowledge, learn how to work in Clo 3D, and find their first job.