Enrico Bertini
Dep. of Computer and Information Science
University of Konstanz

How to become a 3D designer?

Two ways are possible. First, you can get an education in a higher education institution at the Faculty of Architecture or Construction. This method will take quite a long time. Also, at the same time you will need to study many additional subjects that may not be useful in practice.

Secondly, you can take online courses that will take place at a convenient time for you. Homework is always aimed to help you in practical activities, and the result can be used to present your skills to the customer.

Duties of 3d Designer
3D Visualizer. The main emphasis in his work is on the technical documentation, sketches and drawings. For such designers are high requirements, as well as on the basis of their 3D models are approved plans of houses and residential neighborhoods, as well as decisions on the reconstruction of facilities. They often work in teams with engineers and architects.
3D animator. Such specialists create animated characters for games and movies. The designer in the 3D-modeling of such objects is extremely necessary knowledge of human psychology and anatomy, as well as acting in order to create the most believable animation.
3D Modeler. Analyzing the real and conceived objects, working through every little detail. Such designers need special patience and perseverance to achieve greater realism. So modeller traces complex textures, such as fur, for example.
Characteristics of the profession